Personal Taxation

Saving you money

Completing your own tax return can and often is a false economy. The tax legislation is constantly changing and unless you are kept up to date with these changes and fully understand how to implement them you are quite likely to make a mistake on your tax return.

Removing the hassle!

Remove the hassle of completing the Annual Tax Assessment by using Farrell & Co. Our fixed fees give you the peace of mind knowing your tax return will be accurately submitted to the Inland Revenue. Our fees vary depending on the complexity of your finances. In most instances, our fees are tax deductible and so are cheaper than what you pay.

Personal self-assessment is most likely to apply to you if:

  • you are self employed, either as a sole trader or in a partnership
  • you are a company director
  • you are a trustee
  • you are a minister of religion
  • you receive any other untaxed income which cannot be collected through PAYE, for example: income received from letting property
  • you have taxable foreign income

Keeping thorough records of income and any capital gains is essential for the completion of correct and accurate self assessment returns.

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